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Great care

I just want to say thank you for taking such good care of Rufus. It looks like he took off a couple of pounds which is what I wanted to happen because he always gets too many treats at home and thank you for extending his stay when my surgery didn’t allow me to bring him home yet and also the extra special birthday day when I couldn’t be there you guys are always great always polite. I wouldn’t go anywhere else with my pet.

February 2023


Great place

I adopted an older, high-energy dog and the trainer reinforced his past, somewhat forgotten training and taught him new commands. He absolutely loves coming to camp to play with the other dogs.

February 2023


AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for the care and concern of our dog's while we were away! My mind was as ease knowing that my dogs were in great hands! Thanks again Louise DiGangi 🙂

January 2023

Louise DiGangi


Rebecca is a dream groomer. She has always done such a great job with my Cavalier King Charles spaniel even though his fur is not the easiest to groom. Can't say enough about her skill.

January 2023

JoAnn Goodemote

My dog is treated like a king!

Every time my dog Atticus comes to Norwichtown Pet Resort they all fawn all over him. This just solidifies to me that they always take care of him like their own dog, and he is always happy when he leaves!

January 2023

Janine Sullivan

The best boarding!

I have had previous boarding facilities refuse service to my dog due to his aggressive behavior with strangers. Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa is always more than happy to make accommodations and provide a comfortable place for my dog while I am away. It puts me at so much ease knowing my furry friend will always be well taken care of. I am extremely grateful for the compassion and kindness of the staff at this facility.

December 2022

Shayla Pullaro

Amazing Grooming

Brooklyn loves her time getting grooming at Norwitch Pet Resort and Spa. She always comes back smelling clean and looking a couple shades lighter. I know I can trust them to take care of her while aim at work to give her the best spa day possible. Thank you!

December 2022

Rebecca Morton

Daisy loves it.

Daisy started camp in September. She is having the best time. When I bring her home she lays down pooped. Barely lifts her head the entire night. It’s so good for her socializing skills while burning off energy. Daisy is currently 10.5 months old, and we are all happier when she’s tired. 😉

November 2022

April Cary

Family Favorite

Presley is an older dog who likes her quiet time but every time she visits the spa for grooming or a holiday sleep over, she comes home full of energy and happy. She runs to the door when we arrive which is the ultimate testament. The property and building are clean and un-cluttered inside and out. There's staff on duty all the time which I love knowing for peace of mind. The staff is also great, friendly and kind.

November 2022

Holly Federico


Thank you to everyone, especially Caroline for making my nervous Lucy as comfortable as possible.

November 2022


Dog day care and spa

I have found a place I trust to take care of Stella. She has been to one on one dog day camp, and spa for a bath. I am ver particular since she has had one leg amputated. They are very good.

October 2022

Ruth Johnson

First visit

I was worried for his evaluation. He's a rescue pup and it's only been 3 weeks with us. He did so good with the staff and I'm sure he can't wait to attend daycare regularly. Thank you !

October 2022

Fern E Assard

Very Pleased!

We have been very pleased with the boarding and grooming experiences we’ve had at NPR. We have a large breed dog who doesn’t like to be away from his people but we always feel comfortable leaving him with the great staff at NPR! Thank you all for your great work and dedication to our boy!

October 2022

Scott K.

Home away from home!

We can’t say enough about all the new staff members! Their friendliness and individualized attention to our furry buddies is obvious when we see our dogs run into the office with tails wagging… and the same when we pick them up! Thank you!

September 2022

Maryalice Stone

I highly recommend. .

I fully trust Norwichtown Pet Resort. They take excellent care of my girl when I am not able to.

September 2022

Sheryl Gasper

Norwich Pet Spa.

This business has a great staff and they are knowledgeable and highly motivated. They do a great job and care for the furbabies and their families with great care.

September 2022

THOMAS Farrell

Norwichtown Pet Resort

Thank you very much in grooming Kobe! I know he can be stubborn about standing up when being groomed, but you did a great job! He looks so much better and lighter, too! Lol. Also, thank the gentleman who helped me get Kobe in the truck when he was done. We had a bit of trouble because of Kobe’s big butt, but we got him in! Thank you so much! Linda.

July 2022

Linda Lucas

The best dog resort

My dog Loki has been going since he was a puppy. He loves it and looks forward to it every time he knows we're driving there. The staff is professional and knowledgeable. They always give an update of how his day went..

July 2022

lee matteau

You will not regret it!!

Our pets are our kids. Sending them to the best doggy daycare is our biggest priority. Piper and Ella love every minute of it. We have a lot of piece of mind when they will be boarded next month and going to doggy daycare during their stay for our wedding/honeymoon. Send your pups here. You will not regret it, and your pups will love you for it!

July 2022

Macayla Schmidt

Home away from home

I am so thankful for the staff! They take very good care of my babies when I go on vacation.

July 2022

Laurie Barberi

Beautiful country setting!

The pet resort is in a beautiful, country setting and you can tell that the staff care about the animals in their care. We know our dog, a 3-time rescue, is nervous when we leave her, but the pet resort has a lot of options to help her get used to her stay - she has benefitted from visiting a few times for just a few hours at a time. We don’t like to leave her behind, but we know she is being well cared for by staff who know her quirks and just love dogs! We’re very grateful.

July 2022

Katherine Sandgren

Complete Satisfaction!

Thank you for taking care of our GSD boy Luca, during his first vacation week away from home! He seems so happy and looks so handsome after his grooming session…see you all again real soon! Many Thanks, Luca’s Family

July 2022

Amy Kupis

Stella’s Spa Week

We were thrilled that after spending 9 days at the spa while we traveled - Stella hopped right out of the car the following Tuesday when we brought her to Day Camp. It proved to us that she was well treated and wanted to go back. Stella is a stubborn boxer pup - if she did not want to go back - she would not have ..... We always find the staff extremely helpful and polite and have no doubt that we will continue to bring Stella to the Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa! Thank you to everyone at the Spa for taking good care of our family member!!!

June 2022

audrey leone

One of the best

One of the best grooming my pet has ever had, Thank You.

June 2022

Debra K Kendall


I have placed my dog in this pet resort many times over the years and I have never had an issue even once. The staff is very caring and they look after your pets as if they were their own and are always available to answer any questions or to make sure your pet is comfortable and enjoying their stay

June 2022

David Salomon

Thank you!

We’re bringing our old (12!) dog to the kennel for short visits (a few hours at a time) to get her used to the idea before we have to leave her there while we’re away - she’s a rescue and has been left off at least 3 times, so we want to make sure she feels confident that we are coming back for her! She is coming home from the kennel feeling great and not stressed! We’re feeling so good about it and thank the staff so much!

June 2022




May 2022


So Happy

Luna gets so excited when we turn into the driveway of Norwichtown pet resort and spa. She went for one on one day care. I can tell she had a great time. She is sound asleep. Lol

May 2022

Joseph Sabolesky

Wonderful Company

I have a very high energy pomsky, Luna, who I bring about once a week for day camp. She is always so excited to go, sad to leave, and absolutely EXHAUSTED! She has so much fun with her friends, and she loves all of the staff there!

May 2022

Jessica Chartier

Friendly and clean

My dog loves to go there! I love the written report about his day!🌹❤

April 2022

Yvonne Guida

Great Place!!

First time customer, brought our recently adopted dog to get her nails done. Rebecca did a great job! All staff was friendly and attentive! Hope to take advantage of more services!!

April 2022

Cathy Bittner

Awesome, welcoming

Everyone is so pleasant and very welcoming. Listening to what the anxious humans have to say about their pups!

April 2022

Joseph G Sabolesky

Jasper Griffin goes to Camp!

While I’ve used Norwichtown Pet Resort grooming services for many years, this is the first for Doggie Day Care. Jasper Griffin loves going to camp to play with his friends. He will run to the front door as quickly as he can in anticipation of a day of friends and fun! Camp keeps him socialized and that is a big plus! Here’s to more camp days!!

April 2022

Lori Hendershot

I Always Know…….

I always know that when Nacho goes for his grooming he is well cared for.

April 2022

Linda Sinko

Clean and happy pups!

triple coated Lily and Star were a mess after the winter weather.Lily. had matted clumps and looked like a walking mat. I was afraid to bathe and cut out the mess but it was too cold still. I finally did some work on Lily the day before grooming so it wouldn't take so much time at the grooming table. Lily is 14 years old and has a heart condition< I wanted to keep the stress down. Star is 7 years old and single coated . She loves the attention and willingly lets me comb and brush her. Still the winter weather and proximity to the cold ,wet and dirty ground made a mess of her coat and skin as well. My support/comfort friends were beautiful, smelled lovely and we were happy to see one another after grooming was completed. Thank you for the good work.

March 2022

Patricia Kramer

For over 20 years I have entrusted my dogs to this wonderful team

Being our third Golden Retriever in a row, Kody loves coming to the Pet Resort as much as the other 2 did over the years. The team is very committed to loving the dogs while providing structure and safety. I appreciate how attentive they have been to the specific needs of my new puppy, while getting to know and understand his unique personality. Kody gets very excited as soon as I pick up the leash on those days I bring him to Camp, and he's happily exhausted after half a day. Recently he spent his first few nights away from home at the Pet Resort, where I knew he was being well-cared for and I had no need to worry about him. What's more, Rebecca has beautifully groomed all of my dogs, who have each delighted in their time with her. I am very grateful that I discovered the Pet Resort years ago. They just keep getting better!

March 2022

Connie Dunion

Amazing Grooming

Brooklyn was dropped off for her first grooming today with Julia and she came back beautiful! She absolutely loved her time there and I loved the report card. Thank you for such a professional and friendly experience. Can't wait to book her next appointment!

March 2022

Rebecca Morton


Leaving your pet is never easy. But, Norwichtown Pet Resort makes the “leaving “ so much easier. I know in their care our pup is loved, taken care of and safe until our return.

December 2021

Cathy Walton

Nice doggy visit @ Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa

December 2021 - Our six-month puppy enjoyed his stay of 3 days/2 nights. We stopped by to visit and walk him on the 2nd day and he was super excited to return back to the facility after his short walk. The staff was friendly and courteous on the phone and in person. Thank you for making our family vacation awesome and having our puppy have a break from us as well enjoying his doggy vacation. We plan to use the facility every year around the holidays.

December 2021


A great place for your dog!

Norwichtown Pet Resort is in a quiet rural area, and they have a "camp" mornings and afternoons where the dogs can play together. They also have a snuggle-before-bed service and a number of other treats to make the dogs feel at home. Our dog loves it here. She gets excited on approach and she is happily tired after her visits. We drive 30-plus miles to bring her here. It's worth it. Don't hesitate.

December 2021

Ann S Knickerbocker


Honey 🍯 always enjoys her Fun Day at Norwichtown Resort & Spa. She always come home rested & tired from her visit.

November 2021

Robert Moran

Awesome Care

The staff was very welcoming all around and made this first time experience of leaving our dog with them amazing! Everyone was friendly, trustworthy and reliable. We will definitely be going back to them if we ever need someone to watch our dog for a few days! Everything that is offered for our dog to feel comfortable! Thank you Norwichtown Pet Resort!!

November 2021

Dana Affinati

Great service

Great staff and attentive with my pup when I called for a check up.

November 2021

Carlos Mendez

Wonderful Camp

My dog, Luna, has been going to Norwich Pet Spa for day camp. She is always so excited to go, and comes home so tired! She definitely enjoys herself, and all the staff is so nice, and caring!.

October 2021

Jessica Chartier

very pleased

This was my first time bringing my dogs to norwichtown Pet resort and so far I am very happy. Does came home not stressed and non smelling . I will without a doubt book again

October 2021


Gosh We Love Norwichtown Pet Reaort

Kenai and Captain Yeti are so Happy and Fresh after a full spa day with Tim Rebecca and Julia ♥️ Can’t wait to go back!

October 2021

Melissa Epstein

Summer and Aquinnah’s stay

We leave our dogs knowing they are well taken care of. It’s really helps relieve our anxiety knowing they are in capable hands and helps us enjoy our vacation. Thanks so much to your great staff.

October 2021

Donna Beaudoin

Dog grooming

I have been taking my dog for grooming a few years now. This place is the most welcoming and wonderful experience for my dog and also for me knowing she gets pampered and treated well. She is always happy going and when I pick her up

September 2021

Stacey Gendreau

Well organized friendly service

I’m thrilled to find a full service, professionally run business which is welcoming and friendly to the pets as well as the people attached to them. It also shows me a clean, quiet country place where my pups can stay if I need to leave them for awhile.

September 2021

Patricia A Kramer

Amazing care

Our dog is elderly and has very bad anxiety. She was cared for and loved while she was there. The staff was very understanding of her needs (deaf/kidney disease/anxiety) and made sure she was comfortable her entire stay. She even put back on a little weight which was so great to see! Will definitely be referring all of our family and friends here! I’ve never seen my dog so excited and happy to be boarded

August 2021

Megan Logan
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