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Very caring with our animals

I been on other kennel, I will never change Norwichtown pet lodge. My two dogs Oreo, Hooch and a blue and gold macaw Pebbles are happy when I drop them and pick them up. If I want Services for bath or nail cut. Thank you so much

March 2020

Wanda Cortes

We have always been able to rely on Norwichtown Kennels

We have always been able to rely on Norwichtown Kennels, however they again proved how accommodating they are as we had a medical emergency and they took our dog not knowing how long she would need to be there. We were told not to worry, she could be there as long as we needed and her usual accommodations were made without hesitation. We had peace of mind knowing she was in good hands, it doesn't get any better then that. Another job well done.

February 2020

Mary Lou Juzwic

Handling a scared dog

Our dog has some confidence issues but the trainers took excellent care of her and she is a better dog because of the staff here. They love Katie and Katie loves them. She has grown super confident now. I have taken my previous dogs here and they also did great and loved going here.

February 2020


Wonderful option for our busy puppy

Our high energy Shepard mix loves the time she spends there. She comes home happy and much calmer. I also appreciate the report cards with photo

February 2020

Sheila Bigley

Happy Campers!

I have trusted Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa with my dogs for 12 years. The care and dedication the team provides for all their guests is amazing. I like that you can add all kinds of extra fun stuff to make their stay a blast. Thank you for your excellent care of our family members. December 2019 My pups can’t wait until their next visit. Michelle Robertson And pups Sky, Storm and Amber

December 2019

Michelle Robertson

Welcoming, Caring Competence

I just picked up our sixteen year old shih-tzu after a three-day stay. He greeted me with a wagging tail and seemed much refreshed after a little vacation in Norwich. We'll be back to this friendly kennel again and again.

December 2019

George Kalif

Great pet resort!

We can’t thank Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa Inc. enough! Meeko had a great stay last week while we were away on vacation. He was excited to come home with his family this morning and is one tired pup! He loves your facility for puppy play days and longer stays now too! Thanks for taking care of our wild guy. 💙

December 2019

Sara Glynn


This is the very best grooming that my dog has ever had. Everyone is very friendly and you can plainly see they care about the animals in their care. Rebecca is the best groomer ever.

December 2019

JoAnn Goodemote

A Home Away From Home

This is the 2nd time I have used Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa (recommended by my veterinarian (Norwichtown Veterinary Hospital) My 4 cats occupied the Imperial Suite both visits. It is roomy enough for them with nice cubbyholes and condos to sleep in. There is also a big area rug and toys. They used their own litter box and food dishes/food that I brought from home. The staff is very kind to the animals and diligent in their tasks (feeding twice a day/checking on the cats) Their paperwork and attention to customers is very thorough and organized.

November 2019

Janine Cammarata-Katomski

A caring environment

It was the first time I had ever boarded my 4 cats and I was nervous. But they all shared a suite..4 by 10 space with fun condos and toys, food, water, litter box. They were fed and checked 3 times a day and even had their nails done. I recommend this boarding place for their responsible caring and organized proficiency.

November 2019

Janine Katomski

Four-Legged Pets Well Groomed

I am in awe of our four-legged kids care while in Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa! Not only do they look clean and sparkling, they come home relaxed. I can tell they were well taken care of in our absence! THANK YOU!! I highly recommend the establishment!

November 2019

Pamela M Buckley

Willing to try any breed

Absolutely love this place. Just picked up my dog after doggy daycare evaluation and she is now sleeping soundly on the couch. They were willing to have her even though she is a boxer pit mix, when 2 other local places wouldn't even give her a chance!!

November 2019

Naomi Yates

100% Satisfied

Really like to take my dogs here. Employees love my dogs and treat them like if it was theirs. They always remember their names and their special needs and instructions. We do like the building cleanliness and all the employees but one employee named Caitlin impresses me every time we go there with her advises about what my dogs needs and how they are doing. She really cares and watches every pet in the building.

October 2019

Eric Adcock


I am reassured and confident that Aquinnah and Summer are receiving the best possible care when we board them at Norwich Pet Resort & Spa.

October 2019

Donna Beaudoin

Great place for your pets !!!!!

Thank you for taking care of kadie she had a wonderful time and didn't want to leave looking forward to bringing her back to play with her friends

September 2019

Mike carson

Happy Dog!!

Our dog Maverix was well cared for. He looked so happy and healthy when we picked him up. It gives us great peace of mind. We will use them again in the future.

August 2019

Melissa LaBossiere

Norwichtown pet resort

Thanks again to everyone at Norwichtown pet resort. Roxy had a wonderful vacation while we were on vacation. I never worry about her when I leave her .. The staff is so warm and loving. We appreciate everything you do to make our pets feel loved . A special thank you to Caitlin who has taken care of Roxy for many years. Roxy loves her and has a special bond with her!

August 2019

Debbie lento


I can't say enough about the friendly exceptional staff. Not only are the facilities great but the attention and care that my dog received when he stayed for a week was absolutely perfect. You could definitely see how much they cared about him. He is a very skiddish, shy dog and he had to make sure he said good bye when we picked him up. He was also groomed and he was very handsome when we got him back.

August 2019

JoAnn Goodemote

Wonderful caring staff!

I’ve been bringing my golden retriever, Roxy to The “spa” for many years and she loves it there. She runs right in and directly to the staff members who know her & they are happy to see her. She gets late night let outs, plays with the other dogs for half day camp when she’s there and we get an emailed report card letting us know what she did at camp and who her best friend was that day. She often gets groomed at the end of her stay and we get a grooming report card as well. One of my favorite things about her stay is that she comes home smelling so good. We love it!

August 2019

Lisa Sachatello

Great job!

Wonderful staff

July 2019

Joline Morse

Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

My dogs had the BEST time at Norwichtown today! I was super hesitant and even a little emotional dropping them off because my one dog had gotten attacked outside our home a month ago so I was really nervous! The front desk eased my mind and they took such great care of my pups. They both came home exhausted and happy! Thank you!!!

July 2019

Melissa Miller

Excellent care for our lovies

We've used Norwichtown Pet Resort for 20 years and have always been very pleased with them. The staff do an excellent job in making sure our pets are comfortable throughout their stay. I call each day we're away and I'm given an update of each pet and if they need to they will put me on hold to go and check. They put my mind at ease and are very compassionate. The groomer did an excellent job on my Maremma LGD. She even called to speak to me before the grooming because I had concerns. We hope to use Norwichtown Pet Resort for another 20 years!!! Thank you for all you do for our fuzzie lovies!!

July 2019

Lori Parker

Personalized Care

Eddie, at this point in time, needs extra care...Whenever we bring him to Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa we know that he IS getting that extra care when we are away! From Cuddle Time to Senior Walk to dispensing of medications - the service we have experienced for Eddie is par excellance! We would highly recommend trusting your pets with such a competent and caring staff! Five star rating!!

July 2019

Patricia Hogg


Great care! Rosie was well fed and given attention which she craves! They were very positive when we picked her up... she on the other hand is still a bit miffed we left her! She will get over it!

June 2019

Karen Twomey

Amazing !!!

Such a clean friendly pet resort! So much to offer and friendly staff! Very informational! My pup came home from day camp and was sleeping the rest of the evening and night. My pup is very hyper and it was a relief to have a calm puppy. We will be boarding in July and I feel so comfortable leaving O’Malley with this kennel as there very professional . Thank you !!

June 2019

Katie Brunelle

The Best Pet Care Facility Around

Always feel I can leave Oliver in the best of care. He seems very happy going in and coming out. Feel I can go away with peace of mind that Oliver will be safe and well taken care of.

June 2019



We had to place our puppy in a kennel while we went on vacation. Norwichtown Pet Resort was absolutely wonderful. They took very good care of him, they were very professional and attentive. I highly recommend them for your pet!!!

May 2019

Toni M Grady

Best decision was introducing my dogs to this facility!

The staff has been great. They seem to love each animal and take pride in caring for them. The facility always appears clean and maintained. I send my boys to day camp every week and have boarded several times. I highly recommend their services and plan to continue bringing my dogs here for many years to come!

May 2019

Staci Belisle

Lovers of pets

Thank you for taking such good care of Rosie and helping me make the best decisions for her. You have been so patient with me as a first time dog owner. And more importantly, Rosie loves coming to you!

May 2019

Rosemary Ragle


My little yorkies came home happy and adorable

May 2019

Rose Kovalik

My cat

My cat never boarded anywhere so we were very nervous about leaving him for 5 days. Norwichtown Pet Resort and spa did a great job caring for him.

May 2019


OUTSTANDING care for our dogs!

Our two german shepherds received exceptional care during a recent boarding at the spa. When we picked them up, they were happy and clean. It is such a joy to know they are so well cared for while we are away. Caitlin & staff are outstanding.

May 2019

Sunnie Robinson

Toby and Ella

I have had to board my dogs two times this year, and when I bring them home, they seem to be spoiled and expecting a lot more from me! I think it must be because of the attention and care of the people at Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa. Ella especially loves going to camp and making new friends.

May 2019

Elodie F McAllister

Everyone is amazing here!!!

Bella absolutely luvs coming here for daycare! She has been groomed here too! Which was great! This weekend we boarded her for the first time (10mo old) and I knew she was safe, happy and w/ people who would take good care of her! Thank you for all you do! Also go being patient w this new dog mom!!!

April 2019

Michelle Waterman

Always a great experience

The staff here is always great and my menagerie (cat, lizard, hamster) is always happy and well cared for.

March 2019

Jessica Mancino


Hotzy spent 2 nights in your kennel this week. She was returned to us well cared for, happy and rested. Thanks for taking such good care of her.

February 2019

Stacey Moed-Klein


Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa is the absolute best around! We've had dogs for over 30 years and have used many kennels in the area. I wouldn't even put Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa in the same category with the other kennels. It's so much more than a kennel! Boo loves going there and always comes home exhausted, but refreshed. It's only fair he has fun while we have fun. Everyone we've dealt with at the Resort is friendly and just seems to adore Boo. It's a wonderful environment for the animals and we really like having a place for Boo that treats him so well. We don't use you very often because we don't go away that much, but when we do, it's such a relief to have him there where we know he will be well cared for.

January 2019

Patricia Franco

From Goldie and Dungey

We aren't good at writing reviews but it's only going to take four words. Everything is always perfect. Thank you to everyone that works there. Goldie and Dungey.

December 2018

Eric Adcock

Staying at the spa

I love when my mom brings me here! I never even meow in protest! I’m so happy she found such a nice place for me when she goes away ‼😻

December 2018


Peace of Mind

Brandy, our chocolate Lab, has been going to Norwichtown Pet Resort since 2009. They are a second family to Brandy and they take the best care of her. The entire staff is devoted to taking care of the pets with love and skill. I highly recommend the Norwichtown Pet Resort for the best care of your pet and your peace of mind.

December 2018

Anna I. Belliveau


Best care for my dog! Dedicated, friendly, and caring environment.

December 2018


Excellent Kennel, caring employees

We have been boarding our dogs at Norwichtown Ret Resort for years and have always been extremely satisfied with the service provided by the staff at the Resort. We are very comfortable leaving our dog in their care and the proof of the care he receives is best typified by the excitement he displays when we drop him off. He is a rescue dog and is wary of strangers but he really shows how much he enjoys interacting with the staff at the resort.

November 2018

Frank Gavigan

Holley & Zena

Holley & Zena just got back from their day with Rebecca and they are beautiful. Kudos to the entire staff at Norwichtown Pet Resort for their attention to detail their compassion for the animals and their devotion to customer service.

November 2018

Robert Aldi

Happy dogs

Our girls (Ellie & CiCi ) always love when we pull in the driveway to the kennel. They are happy to see everyone. They have been going now since they were puppies & they are now 5 and 4 1/2. We love the care they are given and how great they look after their grooming. We call them our fashionista’s in their festive bandanas! Would recommended this kennel for anyone’s family pet. Good job!

October 2018

Joanne Gagnon

Dog camp

We have been a customer for years taking our dogs there for day camp, grooming and overnight stays. The staff are awesome in that they go that extra mile to treat your pet as family. Our puppy Henry can’t wait to arrive at day camp to play with staff, and his canine friends.

October 2018

Georgia Woodward

Great Kennel

Very conscientious and caring staff. I feel very confident in leaving my dog in their care, whether doggie daycare or for boarding.

September 2018

Betty Sime

Friendly, professional, very accommodating

Great first time experience bringing our puppy for evaluation and a short stay. We feel very comfortable bringing Jake back again anytime. Very reassuring that pet resort was looking out for our puppy. Also, awesome website to easily book and pay for appointments. They also took a pic, showing Jake playing with another puppy.

September 2018

Mark Lussier

Quincy loves……

Quincy loves spending time with his pack pals at the Norwichtown Pet Resort. When we turn onto your long, winding driveway leading to the kennel, Quincy’s excitement and energy level go through the roof. He truly enjoys his days under your care and my wife and I are thankful that he is in a warm, safe and caring environment.

September 2018

Howard Poris

Above and beyond

Norwichtown Pet Resort is truly amazing. The wonderful staff has taken care of our dog for many years, and as he has aged, they have shown kindness, patience, and dedication in trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. Rebecca, the groomer, is excellent at her work, even detecting a medical problem with our dog that the vet had not noticed. We highly recommend the pet resort to anyone in our area. We have friends/family who live out of state who wish they had this type of second home for their pets while they're away. Norwichtown truly provides a home away from home with a generous, kind, hard-working, calm staff, headed by Caitlin, whose helpful advice, especially with an older dog, has been very beneficial. We would give a 6 star rating if there were one!

September 2018

Ken and Linda Lamothe

This was my second time boarding my cocapoo and I was as happy as the first time.

It is so nice to leave my best friend, knowing she is in a good place. The girls on staff definitely take the time to get to know your pet and they are very friendly and compasionate. I feel very confident in this place and I love the flexibility on pick up hours. It is nice for my dog to have a nice place for her own vacation.

September 2018

Maureen Onessimo