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Holley’s Grooming Day

Holley Bearre spent her Sunday with Rebecca getting pampered, groomed and lots of loving. When I picked her up that afternoon she was radiant, happy and ready for a walk down the runway to show off her beautiful coat and well manicured nails. Thank you once again Rebecca for your professionalism and your endless love for Holley Bearre !! I would highly recommend this facility for their boarding, daycare and grooming services, you will not be disappointed.

December 2017

Robert Aldi

Best Pet Resort

We have boarded Brandy for many years with the utmost trust and confidence that she was getting the best care. We wholeheartedly recommend Norwichtown Pet Resort for your beloved pets. I give them a 5 star rating.

December 2017

Anna Belliveau

Great place for your pet

December 2017

Alisa Baribeault

Thank you

Our small dog is a member of our family, we are so thankful to all of the staff at Norwichtown Pet Resort for providing exceptional care to our pet. We have been bringing our pets to Norwichtown Resort for several years, we trust our family members to their care. We are so appreciative of the exceptional service. Thank you October 2017

November 2017

David Auerbach

Complete Satisfaction!!

I’ve been bringing my Aussie, Cooper, for many years and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else! You guys are the best!!!!

October 2017

Stephanie Malua

Grooming Visit

Every four weeks Zena & Holley Bearre are treated like queens when they arrive at the Norwichtown Pet Resort for their grooming. As soon as I make that turn into the facility they know they are in for pampering cuddling loving and spoiling. Rebecca & Kaitlyn along with the entire staff treat my girls like their own. Thank you for your attention to detail and your dedication to your work.

October 2017

Robert Aldi

Maddie’s stay

I know that I can enjoy my vacation when Maddie stays at the Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa. Maddie always seems to enjoy her vacation there too. I know that she is getting good care which is important to me as she is my furry child. (more…)

October 2017

Linda Sinko

Norwichtown Pet Resort

We take our two bearded collies for grooming here. It is a wonderful place and the staff is very professional, accomodating and extremely helpful. My dogs love it here and so happy to see Rebecca the groomer. She does an absolutely fantastic job grooming the dogs and she loves the dogs. 5 plus star rating.

October 2017

Susan Seeman

Lick, lick, lick, lick

Hours are convenient and my dog comes back happy.

September 2017

Heather Hanes

Wonderful, Friendly, Clean

I have all the trust and faith in your Resort. Our Gracie is a cherished member of our family and wouldn't just leave her with anyone. Thank you for taking such good care of her, even though I know she can be naughty.

September 2017

Claudia Kearney

Very nice people who take great care of our dog

These folks are great! They take really good care of our dog. She is not stressed out or exhausted when we pick her up and she doesn't balk when we bring her in to drop her off. Clearly, she is perfectly happy being at this kennel! We routinely sign her up for "nature hikes" and grooming. It's not the least expensive option, but we believe it is totally worth it.

September 2017

Anne Luner

Another terrific stay at the Spa !

Our shepherds, Bella & Buddy, recently had another terrific stay at the Spa ~ this time for 3 days! It's so clear to see what great care they receive by how happy they are when we pick them up. Whether going out of state or out of country, whether for 3 days or 3 weeks, we are confident the staff at Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa will care for Bella & Buddy as though they were their own dogs! We can't say enough about what a great place it is.

September 2017

Michael Robinson

Skippy seemed to have a nice overnight visit.

It was very nice that the Manager seemed to remember Skippy and commented that his anxiety seemed much better than prior visits. This was extremely comforting - as Skippy is an integral part of our family. Thank you for taking good care of our little buddy : )

September 2017

Pamela Kuba

Excellent work

We have been pleased with the services of Norwichtown Pet Resort for many years. Our dog Trot is now eleven, and his needs have changed. The staff is aware of his vision problems and have adjusted their care accordingly. When Trot vacations at the resort, rather than romping with the other dogs, he now enjoys his private nature walks. We appreciate the hard work of Katelyn and the staff, as well as Rebecca's wonderful grooming.

September 2017

Linda Lamothe

Celie Enjoys the Resort

Celie needs lots of attention and she gets it when she stays at the resort! She comes home relaxed and happy so I know she was treated well. The staff is always very friendly and professional and the groomer does a great job too. Thank you all for taking good care of our fur baby and I will keep referring people to you.

September 2017

Christine Jenkins

Another GREAT stay!

We dropped our dog off for a three day stay and, as usual, she came back happy! We asked to have her bathed and her nails clipped and she smells and looks beautiful. Thanks again for another great stay! September 2017

September 2017

Kimberly Wofe

Zoey, our 1 year old Chocolate Lab, really enjoyed her stay…

...at Norwichtown Pet Resort! She was treated like family when we arrived and was so happy when we picked her up. Thank you so much for taking great care of our pup!

August 2017

Shannon Lougee

Thanks Norwichtown Pet Resort

We have bringing Hotzy, our sweet and beautiful 9 year old Boxer, to Norwichtown Pet Resort whenever we go away. She is always clean and happy to see us and instructions have been followed. Thanks for keeping Hotzy safe. August 2017

August 2017

Stacey Moed-Klein

Excellent choice

I'm very happy with the service you provide. I was concerned that I would return from vacation with having to spend more money on the recovery of my dogs, but no need at Norwichtown Pet Resort! One recommendation might be an every other day progress report to pet owners(via email). I missed my dogs and would of liked to know how they were doing especially on a long vacation. Thank you for caring for my dogs! August 2017

August 2017

Dawn Crane

Best care a dog could have!

The staff at Norwichtown Pet Resort gave our dog Tucker the best care one could ask for. While 400 miles away our dog became ill and the staff was in touch with us every day! They gave him extraordinary care, set up a veterinarian appointment, and even after we picked him up they followed up with phone calls to see how he was feeling. We were so impressed with their genuine concern, compassion and professional care!!

August 2017

Jay Gionet

I know that our dogs Brady and Loki are always well taken care of

and that they have a blast with the other dogs and counselors at doggy day camp!

August 2017

Becky Beaupre

Terrific time!

Our 4 year old shepherd, Bella, has always enjoyed Norwichtown Pet Resort as her "home away from home." We recently acquired a German Shepherd puppy and left both him and Bella at the resort when we went on vacation. They were both so happy & healthy when we returned. The staff is top notch. It begins when we walk in and they are so loving & caring to our dogs. We have such peace of mind knowing they'll be well cared for while we are away. #bestdoggieresortever

August 2017

Michael Robinson

Most amazing home away from home for our pet!

We love bringing our Cally to visit, she really enjoys camp and always comes home smelling amazing after being groomed! The staff is really incredible, and knows how to handle Cally when she gets over excited. We feel totally comfortable, without a care in the world, while Our pup is on vacation at the Norwichtown Pet Resort. We highly recommend the experience!

August 2017

Erin Fiakos

Caring and Awesome!

Our dog who has been going here for last year and half absolutely LOVES it here! She is extremely eager to go into the waiting area each and every time which tells me that she enjoys herself here. The staff is always very sweet and the facility is very clean and well maintained. I would highly recommend this resort to anyone and everyone. Our dog also goes to day camp and always comes back tired and happy! Thanks for doing an outstanding job!

August 2017

Judy Dewey

We were very pleased with Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa

This was the first time our Princess has ever been away from us and we were worried she was going to miss us as much as we were going to miss her. I guess not! We checked in on her periodically and was always told she was doing great. The staff was so attentive to her and said she was not sad or scared and she seemed quite comfortable. Since coming home, she now even sleeps in her own bed. I would not hesitate to let Princess stay at Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa again in the future and will recommend Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa to all of my friends and family. Thank you for taking such great care of our "baby". August 2017

August 2017

Patricia Shoquist

Our pet loves going back!

Obviously, our dog Coffey cannot tell us how his stay was while we were away. However, it makes me feel very comfortable when we return only for him to excitedly run back into the building and be greeted by name as soon as the staff sees him! That tells me that he is well taken care of and comfortable knowing he is happy while we have to leave him.

August 2017

Michelle Combs

Grooming Excellence

Holley Bearre & Zena got home from their grooming and by the looks of them they are ready for the Westminster. The staff at Norwichtown Pet Resort are the most attentive and their attention to detail is beyond reproach. Thank you Rebecca, Caitlyn and the entire staff for taking such great care of our girls.

July 2017

Robert Aldi


I always feel that our cat, Benjie, is in good hands while we are away. The staff have got to know him and his big personality very well. This past visit he was enjoying the view out of the front window, watching all the arrivals and departures, as we arrived for pickup! What a nice picture!

July 2017

Judith Redhead

Home away from home for our dog

We love how well you take care of our precious dog, Annabel, while she stays there. You all are amazing. She comes home and acts the same way as before she left. Thank you so much. Jennifer

July 2017

Jennifer Hicks


We had used the same kennel for 14 years and after a recent bad experience we decided to try the Norwich pet resort. Our dog is older and has special needs, the Norwich pet resort met all of them with flying colors.. Our dog was returned to us clean, content and we will definitely recommend and use them again in the future.

July 2017

Michael P Baker

Professional, sensitive, sincere

Norwichtown Pet Resort is the best thing that ever happened to our family, especially Rusty our dog. I feel like our dog is safe and always well taken care of. The staff has always treated Rusty like he was their own!!

July 2017

Linda Nysyrom

Professional,compassionate and helpful.

I have boarded my animals with Norwichtown for 15 plus years. They have always done an excellent job in caring for my pets. Our family enjoys reading the "report cards" from Doggie Day Camp. Two years ago they suggested my dog only participate in 1/2 day camp because they observed her becoming fatigued . They didn't have to share that with me and could have continued charging me extra for camp that she would not have enjoyed. I really appreciate the caring staff and always feel a sense of security that my pet is well cared for during our vacations.

July 2017

Charlene Petrone


I can always enjoy myself while I am away knowing that my beloved pets Mickey and Molly are well taken care of. The staff is the best ever and they both love going there.

July 2017

Pamela Chieco

Love this Place

My dog has stayed here many times over the years. She is always treated well.

July 2017

Amanda Courey

Norwich Town Pet Resort Rocks!

Norwich Town Pet Resort really rocks for our MacGyver, a Jack Russell Puppy of 10 months! This will become MacGyvers home away from home! Finally, we can go away and have no worries! Thank you Norwich Town Pet Resort!

July 2017

Arlene Reith

The staff is always great….

my dog always smells clean after her stay and comes home healthy..a very important thing.

July 2017

Carol Clulow

Norwichtown Kennel……….the best

Hercules and Maggie Mae (my adorable yorkies ) simply love Norwichtown Kennel and Spa. They get all excited just driving to the site. The staff is helpful, friendly and accommodating and the facility itself is immaculate and welcoming. I wouldn't mind staying there myself. The best kennel I've ever been to. 2017

July 2017

Kathleen M. Delaney


As soon as I turn into the Kennell driveway my dogs start barking and jumping up and down -it takes almost all my strength to hold them as we start toward your front door !

July 2017

Richard Manfredi


We boarded our dog for 5 days while our daughter had a dance comp. in Maryland. I never once worried how Chance was as I knew he was in good hands and probably having a mini vacation for himself through the day camps they offer! He will be coming back for a stay this September!

July 2017

Tammy Nowakowski


We have been using Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa for about 3 years now. When Boo was a puppy we would bring him to day camp a couple days a week and use the boarding services. The staff is the BEST!!! They all know Boo by name and show how much they adore him. We always feel we are leaving him with people that will take the best possible care of him. We never worry about him when we are away and he always seems to have a good time. We can tell because we can log in and watch him play which is an awesome service! We drive an hour round trip to bring Boo to the Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa even though there are plenty of kennels around us. None of them are resorts and none of them make us feel like Boo is with family!

July 2017

Patty Franco

Trustworthy and caring

I have been using this company a long time for boarding. My pets always come home happy and seems to have a good time on their "dog vacation" when I'm on my "people vacation".

June 2017

kris m zerio

Frankie’s stay

After my dog care plans fell through last minute, I boarded Frankie with you. I was able to enjoy my annual NYC trip with my best friend to the fullest, because you reassured me that he would be well-cared for. Thank you!

June 2017

Janet Wilber

Dogs love the spa

I have two Weimaraners and they are very demanding. We love our dogs and they always have the best at our house. We take them to Norwichtown Pet spa when we go on vacation and they both love it there. The staff is always friendly (most of them know Bella and Max) and they are reasonably priced. We love Norwichtown and will continue to use them as our dogs home away from home.

June 2017

Kristen Pacatte

Great Pet Resort

We have had five dogs over the years and used various groomers and kennels during that time period. Before Teddy past, we shifted to using the Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa. We liked it so much, we continued to use them for boarding, day care, and grooming after we got Mike and Molly. They provide a very comfortable/happy atmosphere for the dogs to stay in. Each of the staff demonstrate a real love for the dogs and provide them with a loving environment. The groomer is top notch, never failing to cut them to our satisfaction the first time. I highly recommend the Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa for all your boarding and grooming requirements. June 2017

June 2017

Grady Tait

Trustworthy stay for your beloved pets

We have been boarding our dog here for many years and have always been pleased with the exceptional care she receives. Highly recommend.

June 2017

Regina Stiles

Our Big Boy Did Great !

We are super happy and pleased to know that our almost 200 pound Saint Bernard Harry was so well taken care of while he was in residence for a week at Norwichtown Pet Resort. We were able to put Harry in the Imperial kennel (extra big with a kennel camera). I am a completely anxious dog owner and was super worried to be quite frank as Harry had trouble last summer at a different kennel. The staff at Norwichtown Pet Resort was warm and welcoming - listened to our concerns and made us feel completely at ease. We scheduled Harry for a bath before his pick up. Can't tell you how awesome it was to greet our clean, fluffy and happy boy! We were told upon picking him up that the Staff really enjoyed having him as well. Thank you so much!

June 2017

Frances Mileski


I am so thankful to your staff for caring for my PJ several times per year.The excitement he shows upon arrival to your facility ensures me that he is more than happy to be there. It's like taking a child to camp. I'm anticipating the separation from my best buddy,but he wants to ditch me immediately ,because he wants to play with all his friends. Everyone that I have encountered at the Spa, has been friendly,compassionate, and very professional. PJ always comes home happy,healthy,well cared for and so tired because of all the fun he has had. I would never take him anywhere else!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! We' ll see you in August, Mary Edwards and of course PJ❤️🐾❤️😊

June 2017

Mary Edwards

We Love Day Camp!

We got a puppy in early April 2017. She's a high-energy breed and we needed a good outlet for her to get rid of some of it. Day camp, twice a week, has been perfect for her. She's becoming such a well socialized dog. She plays all day, interacts well with the trainers and, when she gets home, is too tired to cause a fuss. This has made training her so much easier. Plus, it's affordable!! I would highly recommend Norwichtown Pet Resort to anyone with a puppy looking to release some energy. Thank you to all the staff for being so kind. Rozzi says see you again soon!

June 2017

Kristin Curran


I have been using Norwichtown Kennel for many many years. My dogs are always been happy there and would recommend them to anyone. Very much care about the animals.

June 2017

Kathryn Fatone

Thank You!

Thank you for all your staff does to help make our beagle Jay Peak receive the socialization and playtime he requires on a weekly basis to make his life more fufufilled. As some of you know, Jay had a very rough start in life and has had to overcome many obstacles to get to the where he is now. Your services help immensely in allowing my wife and I to provide Jay with the most fulfilling life possible. He obviously will always be a personality and we understand he can and may always be challenging at times. But we love him immensely and want never to change him and the free Beagle spirit he is. You have helped so much in helping us give him the best and most full life possible. Thank you. Sincerely, Rob & Robin Annino Stowe, VT 05672

June 2017

Rob Annino