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The next best place to home!

Arthur and Henry are always so happy to go to Norwichtown for their day camp and overnight stays. We no longer say "daycamp" before we get in the car or there is howling and singing for the 20 mile ride! We feel especially grateful for the extra care that the staff at Norwichtown takes with our furry buddies...excellent supervision during playtimes, the nightly walk, adhering to their diets and LOTS of hugs are things we can count on from everyone we have met. We have been going to Norwichtown for over 15 years now and, honestly, it just keeps getting better and better. The staff stays current on animal health, diet and exercise. We always feel our boys are safe, happy and well cared for when we have to be away. We have looked at other places in case we need a back up, but have never found one that offers the complete package of knowledge, care and hugs that Norwichtown gives our guys. Thank you to all the staff at Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa!

November 2016

Maryalice Stone

I Know He Is Safe

You take such care of Red & he is a hard customer. But I know he is safe with you.

November 2016

Victoria Donahue

Peace of mind.

I am very pleased with Oliver's time at the pet resort. He seemed very happy and I felt he was in a safe and caring facility. We will be there again soon. Thanks to all your staff. I will recommend it to all my friends. Thanks again! Fred

October 2016

Fred Conley


The staff is super. They always spoke to me on the phone and always gave me updates. My dogs Grover and Ellie came home happy and healthy. Our cat blue was by a window all week and enjoyed snacks. We will go back again A++

October 2016

Kim Trantalis

Darby Prefers Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa over Disney.

I had a deep talk with my family. Most of them were going away to Disney in Florida but, for some silly rule in a park run by a mouse, occupied by a duck family , a goofy dog some bears, elephants and a variety of other creatures including about 20,000 humans, there is a rule that a humans can't bring along family animals into the park. Sheeessh. Well, I did not want to be left behind or be made to stay with strangers. So we worked out a plan: I started off with a test stay of one night at the Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa. Wow! I had such a terrific time. I met a lot of new animal friends and some fabulous people that worked there. They really treated me special. So, when it came time for the family to buzz off to Florida and dodge a Hurricane, I was more than happy to go off for a week in the Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa. The week went really fast and the spa people actually checked with my family to make sure my diet was OK ( I think they were really checking on the family for me). I had another terrific time with walks and belly rubs and all sorts of extra special treatment. Although I had never been able to do this before now, I am pretty sure I will get to do this again and I can't wait. I love being with my family but if I have to spend time away from them , I know just the place to go.

October 2016

Darby Edwards

Would come back

The most important thing that I noticed was that when I picked up my dog, she was not only happy to see me, but also happy with the worker that brought her out. My dog is very shy, and to see her jump happily up to the worker made me know that she felt comfortable there and enjoyed the staff that took care of her. The price is right too. I used a different kennel before and they were more expensive, and didn't offer all of fun the packages Norwichtown pet resort does. Not only that, but she acted much different when I picked her up from the other place. She was crying and generally looked anxious, but with THIS kennel she was nothing but my happy little girl. The only thing that surprised me and my fiance was that we thought adding the platinum package (which included a few walks and some outside time) was not in addition to the cost of the overnight stay, but the total cost. That was mostly our fault because we knew the price couldn't add up, but just went with it anyway. So with that, it ended up being more expensive than we thought it was initially, but still a good price. I would absolutely use this kennel again, and would definitely recommend it to other dog lovers.

October 2016

Kelly Freely

Great place.

Left our Mabel here a handful of times. Nice place. Very clean. Friendly helpful staff. Wouldn't go anywhere else.    

October 2016

Dan angelus

A+ Facility

Chance was scheduled to be boarded here for this week for our vacation. Sadly my mom passed away and plans changed. I need to board him sooner so we could have peace of mind that he was well cared for while we attended the wake and funeral. The last month and a half had been stressful for my family and sadly our dog picked up on all of that. We always knew we could call the pet resort and they would be more than happy to cheer him up, while we were otherwise occupied. The staff was so genuine in sending their condolences as I dropped him off before my moms services. I am grateful we have a place that treats him as if he were their own. And soon enough we will get that vacation in and he will have an extended stay with his friends at the Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa.

September 2016

Tammy Nowakowski

Great Home Away from Home

Your facility took care of my Rex as if he was their own! Kind professional staff. Left the TV on just like home!

September 2016

Mark Friese


That gives us a very warm and trusting feeling when we have to leave him for a Time!! Thank you, Irene Umphlett

September 2016


Thanks for taking such great care, as usual, of Betty and Lexi!  They just love staying with you and we feel secure in leaving them there without any worries! Becky Ducat

September 2016


I just stayed at your place last week and (Thank goodness!) my Mom is bringing me back next week.  I am sooooo excited about it.  I love being at your place.  I love having my own little room because sometimes we just need our own space.   I alsolike having my own real long run.  I can run back and forth and bark if I feel like it!  It's good that no big dog can bully me and no tiny, little yapping dog can pester me!  I can go in and out whenever I want to.  It's fun to push out the little, flapping door. I like the food here and I am thrilled when they give me a cookie.  Yum!!  Also, the people are so sweet.  I love each one here!  I heard my Mom telling some friends how nice all the staff is and how pleasant it is to work with everyone.  They let my Mom bring my little bed and my blanket so I feel more at home. I always used to get soooo nervous when Mom brings out those big boxes (that humans call "suitcases") from the extra closet.  Now I don't worry any more.  I know that I am going to Norwichtown Pet Resort and Spa and I know I will love it there.  I also know that Mom will always come back to get me (because we love each other so much). With love and soft paws,  Jellybean Silberman  🐶

September 2016


I want to personally thank you for always  taking care of our Beagle -Jay Peak, and our Siberian Husky - Skye.  They always get very excited when they see know they will be staying with you or attending Doggie Day Care.  Like most people who have pets, we consider our dogs as part of our family and we are very selective in choosing who we allow to care of our pets when we need to travel.  They love staying with you and we love bringing them back home with us knowing they have had fun with friends and been well taking care of.  On behalf of my wife Robin and of course Skye and Jay, thank you! Sincerely, Rob Annino

September 2016


Max and I would like to thank all the loving and caring staff during my staycation. I had some bumps in the road but the staff as always kept my mom updated and showed me much love. I enjoyed all my playtime and came home a very happy camper. I can't wait to go back and see all my friends (4 and 2 legged) again! 🐶❤️ Sherri Korduner,

September 2016


I would never kennel my dogs anywhere else. The place is spotlessly clean and the staff super friendly! Robert G.

September 2016

We Love Our Dogs Like Children

We recently brought our 3 dogs to Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa for a 3 day stay. This is the first time that our dogs have ever been kenneled and we love our dogs like children so we wanted to find a place that would care for our dogs the way that we do. We’ve had friends recommend Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa and after our dogs stay, we would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to kennel their dogs. We were able to have our 3 dogs stay together in a spacious double kennel, and were able to choose a play package that provided them with enough activities to keep them busy through out the day. The prices were very reasonable, the staff was very friendly, and the place was very clean. I would recommend Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa to anyone. David Maher,

September 2016


We say "thank you" for taking excellent care of our cat while we were on a road trip last week. We very much appreciated that you upgraded him, when he was the only cat at the resort while we were away. He enjoyed being able to look out of the window. Midnight likes the care and love he gets from the staff. We always find the resort well maintained and clean and the staff friendly.   Thank You Rodney & Rose-Ann Girard and Midnight

September 2016

Norwichtown Pet Resort made getting a dog a wonderful experience

Norwichtown Pet Resort made getting a dog a wonderful experience. So much in fact, I got another one! I've always had a dog in the family as a child,but four years ago I decided to take the plunge and get one of my very own. I had researched many different dog breeds and decided on one that was active, intelligent, outgoing, friendly, and gentle. A Siberian Husky that I named Kai. I found the Norwichtown Pet Resort when I started looking for puppy training classes and I was impressed right away with the friendly staff and clean facilities. I took Kai for training and learned more about the Doggy Day Camp program and enrolled her right away. She loves it! All I say at home is, “Wanna go to camp?” and she gets so excited and runs to the door. When I drop her off for camp in the morning she gets so anxious and runs through the front door into the arms of whomever is working that day. At the end of the day when I pick her up, she comes out with tail wagging, head held high, and… clean! I have to commend the staff for returning her to me happy, clean, dry, and smelling fresh each time. At home, I enjoy having a happy dog that is a pleasure to be around and I believe that her time running with the pack at the Pet Resort and the love she receives from the staff is a major contributor to that. So much in fact, I got another one, a boy named Timber. You’re probably thinking, with two dogs you don’t need to bring them to camp anymore. Wrong! Even with two, I still take them to camp a few times a week because THEY LOVE IT!

January 2016


They both love the attention and care you give them

Both Mike and Molly are always excited to know they are going to visit you. They both have a very happy stay, even if only for grooming. They both love the attention and care you give them.

January 2016

Grady Tait

Many thanks and keep Up the good work.

Blizzard loves going to Norwichtown. He has a great time and I am told he loves the nature walk.Many thanks and keep Up the good work.

January 2016


I would recommend your facility highly

I have to say I felt very comfortable leaving Kimber with you. We decided to try a new Kennel for the length of time we were to be gone. Your website made our choice for us. When I checked in on Kimber your staff was very knowledgeable about her. That tells me that she had interaction with various people which I like. I like that you offer the play time for her. We were going to leave her home and have our kids check on her, but that wouldn't give her the human time that a dog needs, especially for that amount of separation time from us. I would recommend your facility highly. Thank you for taking good care of Kimber.

January 2016

Darlene Buffington

We have been totally satisfied with the programs

We have boarded dogs at Norwichtown Pet resort & Spa since 2006 and we have been using the day camp service August 2010.We have also had dogs groomed here and our boxer has completed and agility training course here.In all cases,we have been totally satisfied with the programs,the care provided our dogs,and the friendliness and professionalism of the staff.

January 2016

BoB & Ann Ricca
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