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For The Ultimate Pet Resort Experience

Norwichtown Pet Resort & Spa offers a wide variety of activities to fit your own pet’s personality and energy level. We believe and experts agree that the more human interaction and activity a pet receives, the healthier and happier they will be…especially while away from home. Each pet parent knows their pet best, so you can choose the right amount and type of activity for your pet’s enjoyment.

We offer several Paw Experience Packages, or you can customize your own Perfect Paw Activity Experience for your pet’s ultimate vacation.

Does your Dog love to play with other dogs? Click here to learn about our Doggy Day Camp.

Activity Package Experiences

For the V.I.P. (Very Important Pet) in your life, we offer the Platinum, Gold, or Silver Paw Experience.

Platinum Paw Experience

● 2 Paw Patrols, 1 Play Date and a snuggle.

Gold Paw Experience

● 1 Paw Patrol, 1 Play Date and a snuggle.

Silver Paw Experience

● 1 Paw Patrol and 1 Play Date.

TLC Paw Experience (for your senior, timid, or special needs pet)

● 2 Paw Patrols, Aromatherapy or Bizzy Bone and a snuggle '

Puppy Paw Experience (for a puppy up to 6 months old)

● 3 Paw Patrol with Puppy Behavior Training and a snuggle

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Perfect Paw Activities

Nature Hikes

Our resort is set on 15 acres of grassy fields, tree-lined paths, and a pond to explore. This extended walk is at your pet's pace to discover all that nature holds.


One-on-one time with a Pet Care Specialist with your pet’s choice of activities such as Fetch, Tug-of-War, Chase, Pit-Ball, or a Stroll.

Snuggle Dates

One-on-one time with a loving Pet Care Specialist enjoying Cuddle Time, Story Book Time, Puzzle Time, or a Tuck-in before Bed Time.

Paw Patrol

Supervised Paw Patrol offers your pooch a trip to one of our outside grassy play areas.  This is a chance for your dog to run, roll, sniff, or take a brief stroll.

Playdate With Pool

Your Pet can splash and play in their own freshly filled pool in their private fenced-in play yard during our warm weather months.


For the pet that needs help to relax, calm down, and reduce any anxiety.

Bizzy Bone

Does your pet need something to do between activities? Let us prepare him a peanut butter-filled Kong to enjoy for hours.

Freezy Pups

Treat your pet to a cool treat after a Perfect Paw Activity.